What A Kind Spring!

Sai Gon, January 3rd 2011

Arriving in Spring Hotel was like finding an oasis. The staffs were so understanding. Moreover, when according to Wiwik's request I asked for their generosity to let us check out by 2:00 PM, I was granted the permission without hesitance.

The first thing I longed for at time I arrived was not sleep, but a shower. As you can imagine, the day before had been an extra long day for me. While it was still dark, I was already out in attempt to get Nha Trang's before-sunrise-sky. And then I was on a tour to Yang Bay Waterfall. The weather was super bright and the sun was at its best. After the tour, I went cycling Nha Trang for 3 hours. The day was ended with a 5 hours delay by Vietnam Airlines at Nha Trang Airport. We eventually took off from Nha Trang at 2:00 AM. Yes, "AM".

I felt that I couldn't wait for Wiwik to finish her things in the bathroom, no matter how short. So I asked the hotel staff again whether there's another bathroom I could use and so we wouldn't need to take turns. The first staff said there wasn't. While Wiwik packing out her things and ready to use the bathroom, desperately I took my toiletries intending to wash my face and my hair in the sink in the public toilet on the first floor. Then I'll see what I can do with my sticky body.

I was about to enter the elevator when the hotel staff who ushered us to our room just now waved his hand to me. He showed me an empty room. "You can use the shower here. But there's no towel," he said.

I almost jumped and hugged him! The guest of that room apparently had just checked out. The bed was untidy. The bar soap on the closet was used. No problem at all. I use to bring my own toiletries and towel anyway.

My alarm clock beeped at 6:30 AM. Yayyy!! Wake up! This is Sai Gon. Don't let Vietnam Airlines ruin your day!

I peeped through the curtain of our room and... wow! That's the sun rising over there. I made a shot using my Nokia. At that time I didn't know that Spring Hotel had a top garden. If I knew, I would have ran upstairs and make better shots.

This is my third breakfast in Spring Hotel. The same as before, I ordered for tomato omelet and coffee milk. Yeah, authentic Vietnamese coffee with its sieve.

Oh, the tomato is inside the omelet. It's filled with slices of fresh tomato. It's not tomato sauce. It's tomato.

Wiwik and Gabe were still fast asleep. So I had breakfast by myself. Across my table were a Western elderly couple. Suddenly a waitress came out from the kitchen with a vase of bouquet in her hand. She placed the vase in front of the gentleman, and then shook his hand.

"Happy birthday," she said.

For a second the gentleman couldn't say a word.

A birthday card was also attached to the bouquet. I believe Spring Hotel must have created an unforgettable moment of Vietnam for this gentleman and his wife.

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