Yang Bay Waterfall

Nha Trang, January 2nd 2011

Here we are at the entrance to Yang Bay Waterfall. It's written on the stone.

Although the tour itself was strange as mentioned by the billboard itself, the view of Yang Bay Waterfall area was magnificent.

I tried to make a close up this side with my ND filter, but failed (again). So I just took off the filter and continued as usual. Here you are. Please enjoy!

Yang Bay Waterfall flew into a wide river which provided us with various views.

The river was broad, but you can easily cross it on foot.

Come, let's cross the river!
The water on my feet was rather chilly, though.

Ah, here were are, almost at the other side of the river.
On the left side there is a cafe which serves... guess what!
Crocodile steak!!

This is the other end of the river, opposite to the waterfall. So I'm standing with Yang Bay on my back.

And this, my favorite of all.

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