Good Morning Again, Nha Trang!!

Nha Trang, January 2nd 2011

Once again I got up when it was still dark, hoping that I would be luckier with the sky than the morning before. As I walked down the stairs of Lamy Hotel's entrance, the wind blew me good morning. I zippered up my jacket.

The beach across Lamy Hotel was still dark, but not too dark that I couldn't find my things inside my backpack. I laid my backpack on a table on the beach, set up my tripod, and then camera on it. Everything set, I waited patiently.

The sky started to show some colors. It wasn't as awesome as the previous September sky 2010. Still, it was much better than yesterday.

Clouds appeared to cover the sun. But anyway the sky wasn't completely dull either.

Nha Trang, one day I'll come again. Hopefully, clouds won't be running over your rising sun.

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