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Sai Gon, January 3rd 2011

With my tummy already satisfied with yummy breakfast from Spring Hotel, I walked to the heart of Sai Gon. I wanted to capture shots I've never made before. Once again, Sai Gon's morning sky was dashing blue for me.
This is Sai Gon Opera House.

And this how the opera house looks from across the street. Next time, when I come to Sai Gon again, I want to make the night shot.

The streets, the alleys, most of them were still quiet.

"What a cute thing!" I said to myself.

His multiple victories over the mighty Mongol Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan are considered among the greatest military feats in world history. General Trần Hưng Đạo's military brilliance and prowess are reflected many treatises on warfare he authored. Trần Hưng Đạo is regarded as one of the most accomplished military tactician in history.

However, frankly speaking, it wasn't of him that I was interested in. It was his figure towards the deep blue sky.

One day a friend heard someone said, "There are skyscrapers in Vietnam, you know!"
Yes, there are. They even scrap the blue sky... hahaha.

Although not as merry as last year, the streets had also been decorated with extravagant lights hanging all over in regard of celebrating new year.

This is only special to me, because I'm fond of the strawberry yoghurt produced by Vinamilk.

This one? Nothing. It says "Russian Market". One day I might take a look what kind of stuffs are in there.

 You know Ben Thanh Market, don't you? Aha, that's the office. "Ben Thanh Group" it says.

Once again, to the City Hall I come. Actually it's the park in front of it that gives the building a perfect touch. This year, the decoration is different than last year.

Come on, follow me!

The variety of flowers were different from the ones I enjoyed when I first came to Vietnam in 2009. Maybe each year they rearrange the landscape as to maintain the fresh. I'm impressed of how well the flowers are taken care of.  They just thrive here. The park itself is indeed clean. For a Jakarta girl like me, it's hard to believe that this is actually the biggest city in Vietnam.

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