Happy New Year, Nha Trang!!

Nha Trang, January 1st 2011

Alright, new year's eve in Nha Trang didn't turn to be like I had expected to be. But, I'm not going to repeat the terrible mistake I had done on my first morning in Nha Trang last September 2010. I call it a terrible mistake, because I already heard my alarm ringing but I slept back. When I finally got up and pulled aside the curtain a bit, an awesome splendid early morning sky was hanging there. I ran down the hotel stairs and to the beach, but I was minutes too late to capture that awesome sky!

So now I got up and dressed up. Our room this time had no window. So the only way to check the sky is by getting out of the hotel. And... it was... brrr.... cold! Nha Trang in mid September and in early January turned out to be entirely different in terms of climate.

The sky over me was bare. The beach was still rather dark. I waited there, still hoping against hope that the September Sky would return.

It didn't.

This, was the only thing I got.

It's the beginning of a moon. It's the beginning of a new year. Happy New Year, Nha Trang!!

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