Nha Trang, I come Again!!

Nha Trang, December 31st 2010

Our 3 days 2 nights tour from Dalat through the Central Highlands with Groovy Gecko Tours ended in Nha Trang, my favorite city of Vietnam. We said goodbye at our hotel, Lammy.

My reason of choosing Lammy Hotel was because the beach was just across the street and because it was the budget hotel with the shortest distance I could get to the harbor. We paid 340.000 VND 1 night for a room with 3 single beds. The room was spacious and comfortable.

The weather, surprisingly to me, wasn't at all like the weather when I came to Nha Trang for the first time, 3 months ago. It was now chilly if not cold. But in spite of that, Nha Trang was in a more hilarious mood. It was new year's eve.

Lanterns hung up every where making the streets of Nha Trang shone brighter.

Music from the lining restaurants and cafes along the street sang louder.

And, we walked on to "Sailing Club", a restaurant which Wiwik's friend had recommended. It was fortunately within a walking distance to Lammy Hotel.
Once again I was surprised. Now by the waves. They rolled so high and crushed on the beach so hard that gave a very loud sound. It was very on contrary to my first night in Nha Trang 3 months ago in September.

This beach is just next to Sailing Club. We decided to take some pictures before having dinner.

The best thing I like is, despite being a popular tourism area, the beach is so clean.

I used a slow shutter speed (10 sec) to get the waves look like blanket like this. However, I scarcely could get my tripod stand still in the stand for the wind was blowing very hard. Hence, the star lines of the lights across the beach couldn't be as dramatic as it should be.

Gabe had fun teasing sea crabs while Wiwik used a concrete bench as her tripod. Poor Wiwik, she lost her tripod in Kuala Lumpur. I, kept on experimenting with my camera and tripod. It was for me first experience shooting on a beach in such condition.

Sailing Club was a big restaurant. You can dine inside the building or on the beach. But the tables really close to the seashore were empty. At first I asked Wiwik and Gabe to sit there, because I wanted to enjoy the beach view while dining. But it got very cold and as if the wind was going to throw the tables. I gave up.

Even here it was still chilly. We admired a lady wearing a backless gown next to our table. Her skin must be as thick as a whale's skin... I bet.

Yes, we are, budget travelers. But, this is new year's eve. Let's give ourselves a treat! This is Masali Chicken Linguine.

My choice of drink: Lemon Breeze. However, what we felt wasn't "breeze" but "wind".
For photography sake, in spite of the harsh wind, I insisted on having the lantern on our table. I just prayed that the wind won't topple the lantern down and thus burn our table cloth.

In conclusion, according to my opinion, the whole meal in Sailing Club was good.

Outside Sailing Club we found a cool sign. "Team Motorbike"... hahaha.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by at a public beach and took some pictures again. That's Vinpearl Land across.

Here and there, groups of people picniced on the beach. Looks like they will stay all night long until pass midnight.

Honestly speaking, I had expected to have a more hilarious night like the one I had a year ago in Sai Gon... Anyway, I was happy enough to be able to end the year in my favorite city of Vietnam. Good night, Nha Trang.

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