Good Morning, Nha Trang!

Nha Trang, September 10th 2010

I set my alarm clock to 4:30 AM, but when it rang, I turned it off and crawled deeper under my blanket. Memory Nha Trang Hotel was so cozy.

Finally I dragged myself out of bed at approx 4:50 and took a shower, with no haste. I got dress, pushed the curtain aside a bit.

What? I gasped. It's not only already bright outside. The sky was dramatically colorful! The color of before-sunrise-sky!!

I wanted to take one, two shots from the balcony, but thought that it would be better to take it straight from the beach. So I packed all my camera stuffs, impatiently pressed the elevator button, ran down the road, to the beach which was just across the street. (The reason why I chose Memory Nha Trang Hotel.)

My first shot was made on 5:35 AM, but the color of the sky had faded away. I couldn't believe that it would have already been bright by 5:00 AM.

I had to cut the top of this picture, because it was bare, very different from the sky I saw from the balcony of our hotel.

Lesson learned. When you pray for something, be ready to get it. I prayed for bright weather. Prayer was answered. But, I didn't get up (from bed) immediately to be ready for the answered prayer.

Hopefully again, I'll be granted a second chance on January 1-2, next year.

 This is how bare the sky had turned into.

 And this one is the story of personal failure. I've just started learning to use a ND filter. I don't understand why the picture results as if my lens reflection falls on the picture. There's actually nothing that blocks the view in front of my lens. I tried several times, but it was always the same. Later in the afternoon I tried again and got the same result. If anyone of you knows what causes such a problem, please let me know.

Off the ND filter, here we go. You've seen the night view in my previous album. Now, here's how Nha Trang beach looks under bright sky.
A very peaceful and clean beach.

 Good morning, Nha Trang!

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