Flying Over Sea to Vinpearl

Nha Trang, January 1st 2011

Our destination of the day: Vinpearl Land. From Lamy Hotel, we took a taxi for 49.000 dongs to the harbor. This was the same harbor as the one I had been to when I took an island tour last September. From this harbor you can take a boat to Vinpearl or any other island. But you also can take a cable car from here to Vinpearl.

I couldn't wait to feel how it is to ride on a "Guinness-nominated 3,320 m sea-crossing Cable-car system". Another site in the internet said:
Vinpearl Land has just opened a 3320 meter cable car system, the world's longest over water. Its nine pillars have the shape and structure of the Eiffel Tower (it was built by a French company) and can carry up to 1500 people an hour. The 10-minute ride makes it very simple to reach the island and the views of Nha Trang Bay are an added bonus. At night the whole thing is laser lit. 

The terminal was very well taken care off and clean. It just arose my excitement more.

It was here when Wiwik told me about her bad experience riding on a cable car in our country. She said that the door couldn't close properly, and she heard rattling sounds all along the way. Eewwww... how scarry!!

Wiwik was in awe, because this cable car from Nha Trang almost gave no sound while it "flew". As for the door, it closed automatically, tightly, right when the cable car touched the air.

Call me silly. I'm just proud to have the chance to ride on the world's longest cable car over water. Over sea, to be exact. 

Here we are! Welcome to Vinpearl!! Yayyy!!

Come on, let's decide now what to visit first. Gabe, what do you think?

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