Rewinding Sai Gon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Sai Gon, January 3rd 2011

This was my second visit to Sai Gon Zoo and Botanical Garden. The first was on September 27th 2009, 2 years ago. I've just realized that I haven't written a post about that first visit. Therefore, I'm going to show also some pictures I took at that time.
There was an elephant show, but I was a bit late to capture pictures of the show. When the show started I was hunting somewhere else.

There were 3 bears in the den, but this one was the one loved to pose for its visitors most. Every time visitors gathered, it would turn round and round, stand up, pose, turn round and round again... just like a model on a catwalk. When the visitors leave, it will return to its little cave. This bear clearly enjoyed the attention it got from the visitors.

 Now, contrary to the bear, this gibbon was totally camera shy. It caused me really great effort to capture its picture. Every time I aim my lens at it, it would turn its back to me, or worse, jump out of sight.

What I'm impressed most with is its horns. So elegant.

 Colorful bed of flowers sprung around the zoo...

... and butterflies flew everywhere. It was for me, paradise.

This is a shot I made with my pocket camera, Casio Exilim Ex Z700.

This is just an ordinary flower, actually. But since I failed to grow this flower in my yard, hmmm... I grew curious about the flower itself.

The first time I came in 2009, the butterfly breeding center was closed. But this second time I came, I had a chance to enter. Although not to be compared to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park, this was much better than the butterfly breeding center in Taman Mini Indonesia.

This is Spotted Black Crow or Euploea crameri which you can look up more about in Wikipedia.

This is Dark Blue Tiger or Tirumala septentrionis which you can find out more about also in Wikipedia here.

I endlessly made continuous shots of this butterfly just to get a sight of its blue parts.

It's amazing to me how the inner part of its upper wings differ from the outside part.

I have another picture of this. You can check it out here.

The Swallow Tail again. I found few of them like in when I was in China.

I heard toddler so excited calling the butterflies, "Bướm! Bướm!" which means "butterfly" in Vietnamese.

Honestly, I loved the flowers of 2 years ago.

But... they weren't bad, anyway.

It was so refreshing to see how the flowers were flourishing. Flowers buds were everywhere.

Just one more.

Maybe because the flowers spreading all around the zoo, butterflies were to be spotted not only in the butterfly breeding center. I am not quite sure whether this one is the one called "Small White".

How could butterflies resist the temptation to come and feast?

Hello! Come everybody!

I'm sweeter than honey!

 I'm still talking about flowers. This one is especially unique.

Even more unique because its stems and roots grows all over the tree trunk seen on the left of this picture.

Indeed, Sai Gon Zoo and Botanical Garden is haven for nature lovers.

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