Vietnamese Popcorn

Dak Lak, December 30th 2010

We were further away from Lak Lake, but were still in the province of Dak Lak. Our next destination was to a local market.

This was the first and most interesting, thing we encountered.
A popcorn vendor. Let me show you!
First, of course, prepare a big sac of corn.

From left to right, clockwise.
Get the popcorn pan on the stove ready. Heat the stove, put some butter while the propeller in the middle spins. After the butter melts, spread the corn. And then, add some sugar.

Put the pan lid on for several minutes. And... tara! The popping corns flow down the slide on side of the pan.
We bought 1 package for 5.000 dongs.
My verdict: soft, crisp, not too sweat, yummy!!

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