Life Around Lak Lake

Lak Lake, December 30th 2010

Our first stop this day, still with Groovy Gecko Tour, was Bao Dai's summer palace... again. Tin, our tour guide, explained that Bao Dai had 4 wives so he had many palaces. When I looked up in Wikipedia, Bao Dai was said to have 5 wives! Maybe Bao Dai forgot to invite Tin's parents when he married for the fifth time.

Bao Dai's summer palace near Lak Lake was very much smaller than the one we had visited in Dalat. Thus, the lesser interest I had in it. I have no picture at all of it except for the blue sky hanging above. From the palace's front door you can see the lake spreading wide below. It was indeed a pleasant morning.

Just a very short drive from the palace, we stopped by here. This is the view on my right side.

And this is the view on my left side. I can imagine how nice it would be to take a morning walk along the path.

We sat here quite long taking pictures.

I challenged myself to take pictures of flying birds from afar. I relied solely on my 50D continuous shutter and its 200 mm lens. Mr. Vu laughed at me, because I was like a soldier shooting birds. Tar... tar... tar... ! And yet, none of the more than 50 shots I made, I was completely satisfied with.
Capturing a flying bird is still a dream for me.

I just never knew that a bird's wing can fold in 90 degrees like this while flying.

We took another short ride and stopped by.
In the North winter had started.
We were definitely not at the time where the paddy field were spreading in green.
But the surrounding mountains, white clouds, and blue sky,
made up for everything.

If you take a close look on the photo on the left, you can see a tiny white roof. That's the the place of the elephant keepers like seen on the photo below. Tourists can take a ride on these elephants. Hmm... riding on an elephant's back, that's my next dream to capturing flying birds.

On the other side of the road was a pond, apparently rich. We watched 2 boys fishing. They got their bait from the field across the road. We were lucky to be a witness of their success. It really didn't take long.

Cows were feeding on one side of the pond.

A sight of the street.

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