At the Market Place

Dak Lak, December 30th 2010

Tin, our tour guide, said, "You can find anything here. Anything, except diamond."

"Can you find a goldsmith?" Wiwik asked.

"Gold? Of course!"

Yeah... sort of "anything"... I see...

Mouse trap, mosquito trap, any kind of trap...

Conical hats, etc. A Vietnamese essential.

Short plastic stools. A thing no Vietnamese can live without.

Traditional baskets popular still among the people in Dak Lak area.
Ooopsss. You see that plastic bag of baguette on the table? That's another thing no Vietnamese can live without.

A city of flowers must sell flowers.
Do you want to keep it as a pet or do you want to come back several months later for its meat? The choice is yours.
By the way, do you see the duckling with a black crown? I think it's a foster duckling.

After experiencing a duck tapping my foot with its beak in Chengdu, I bore fondness of ducks. They are creatures I must not miss.

The way tables were arranged is not much different to the local markets in my home country.

Surprisingly, some of the snacks were also the same as the ones in my home country. You see that light green stuff? That's exactly like "cendol" I used to know. It's also served with coconut milk. And... they also have "cincau" which the also call "cincau"!! I suspect "cincau" is a delicacy introduced by the Chinese.

Unlike the vendors in Ben Thanh Market, Sai Gon, most of the vendors here were shy. They often refused to let their picture be taken. When I was in Sai Gon, the vendors, on the contrary, looked excited when I pointed my lens at them. Here, they often waved their hands, "No! No!"

However, this Cendol Cincau Vendor, was completely at ease when I pointed my 50D at her. And, I think, she does look old, but pretty. Don't you think so?

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