Tranquil Lak Lake

Lak Lake, December 29th - 30th 2010

Groovy Gecko Tours didn't include accommodation in their price, but could help book a room. We got a room in Lak Lake Resort which to my opinion wasn't bad at all. Moreover, we also got a good deal. 15 USD per night for one twin sharing room, exclude meal. Our room faced the lake. But since we arrived at night, we didn't have time to take advantage of it. Dinner, take a shower, and soon time for bed.

The restaurant to our room was far enough to challenge my sense of direction which is very close to poor. The restaurant was huge and had one side floating on the lake. You can dine on the balcony and enjoy the lake right under your eyes -- but not for dinner, because it was very cold. The restaurant -- and the food, did not attract me at all. I can imagine that Mom would have freaked out for there were so many cicaks/lizards under the roof and on the wall. We nearly could find a clear table without lizard dunk on it. The only good thing in this restaurant for me was the coffee. So thick, so Vietnamese, that no matter how much condensed milk I pour into it, I could still feel the "strength" under my throat. Or was it because a lizard dunk dropped into my coffee? Hiyaaa...

Lucky for me not to be a food lover. Especially when I can enjoy a wonderful scene before my eyes, everything pays off. I woke up when it was still dark, took a shower, check my compass, and headed out. I made my first shot at 6:01AM.

The sky wasn't as I had expected. But, it wasn't either the worst in my experience. In fact, because of the mist, I could make shots that I had never made before. When I sorted my shots, I realized that I had enough to make me hard to decide which and which to upload on my blog, on Facebook, and on my online gallery. I couldn't decide which one's better for all appeared unique with its own point.

Good morning, Lak Lake!

You see the path road on the right? When the sun had gone higher, I returned to the room to put my camera backpack. I asked Wiwik a favor to order baguette for me while she has breakfast at the restaurant. Then, I went out again with only 1 camera and 1 lens, and to the bicycle rent parking. You can't imagine my effort letting the people understand that I wanted to rent a bicycle. I had to go into the front office, explain again, and again, until at last we could understand each other. 10.000 VND for 1 hour. Deal.

Another thing I like about is that it's very clean and not so touristic.

That's another village across the lake.
So peaceful, so unlike the motorcycle-notorious Vietnam.

Life starts early, huh?

Peaceful. Tranquil.

I regret I didn't make a worm view shot with the boats as foreground. Ah...

This was one of my best morning in Vietnam.

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