Cao Tri Co., Ltd.

Dalat, December 29th 2010

Our car stopped in front of a temple. Now, I said to myself, I must look for other things of interest around here. But the next minute I realized that this was the very same place Mr. Vu took us to last year.

I turned to Tin, "There's a waterfall over there and it's called Elephant Waterfall, right?"

"Yes, yes! That's right!" replied Tin.

I ran down the stairs that connected to Elephant Waterfall's yard. Yes! This is it!

Here's the sign to Elephant Waterfall.

Actually this is the straight entrance to Elephant Waterfall. The temple is on the right side.

Nostalgically, I went to take a look at the waterfall. It looks that the gate guard above the waterfall has been renewed. Tin didn't offer us to trek down and see the main waterfall.
I went inside the weaving factory. Everything was still the same. I regretted that I hadn't printed the pictures I took here a year ago. But suddenly I remembered that I might still have them in my laptop. I ran back to find Mr. Vu's car.

Gabe was busy with his electronic game inside the car. I excused myself  to him. He moved aside. Then knelt backwards on the chair to reach for my bag. Ah, the is it the benefit of a private tour. I turned on my laptop. Mr. Vu came close.

"I think I still have the pictures I took last year," I told him.

Searching, searching. Tara!

Mr. Vu's face widen. "Come here, come here!" He half ran to the weaving factory. I followed along with my opened laptop in my arm. I heard loud voices.

And then suddenly, Ms. Anh whom later I knew was the name, hugged me real hard. She did last year, but harder now. Thanks to the plenty of milk Mom had provided me since I was a kid, or else my bones would have cracked. LOL

All the ladies inside stopped working at once and gathered around me. Never have I experienced so excited looking at my shots. They pointed at my photos, pointed to themselves, laughed, pointed again, laughed again.

"I wanted to send these pictures," I said, "but it's a pity that Mr. Vu doesn't have an email address. Otherwise I could have emailed them to him and have them sent to you."

It had been confirmed the day before that Mr. Vu doesn't have an email address. Jokingly I teased him, "He has too many offices, so he cannot decide which email address to have." 
I joked like that, because I knew him first through Sunshine Travel. But it turned out that he was serving Tin from Groovy Gecko Tours also. And when I got into the car this morning, I saw a mineral bottle next to his seat labeled "The Shinh Tourist". I promptly asked him, "Yesterday when you kept mentioning 'my office' when you refused to serve us a bit longer, did you mean 'Sunshine Travel' or which office?" Mr.Vu did not answer me.

Suddenly Mr. Anh broke in. "Email? Here!" She handed me a name card.

"Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh - Director" it says. "Is this your name card?" I asked.

"Yes, it is. "Send here..." she pointed to an email address below.

Through this name card I learnt that this home industry factory's name is "Cao Tri Co., Ltd." Just like Chinese and Japanese name cards, this one also has double sides. One side for Vietnamese and another for English.

Compared to last year, I think I'm doing better, a bit, in photographing the work :P

Ms. Anh and me.

Ms. Anh and Wiwik.

Ms. Anh and all of us.

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