Weaving the Tour

Dalat, December 30th 2009

We started to weave our tour around Dalat. First destination was Elephant Falls and we ended up in a small weaving factory.

At few minutes before 8:00, Mr. Vu was already in front our lobby. Mr. Vu was our driver for a whole day ride around Dalat. I rented him and the car (driver, gasoline, and parking incl.) for 85 USD from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM thru Sunshine Travel. Unlike the previous driver while in Tam Dao, Mr. Vu spoke English pretty good. Moreover, even though I had drawn our itinerary pretty careful, Mr. Vu became our tour guide also. He showed us places I did not know. By the end of day, you’ll see that he served as interpreter as well! But that’s still some stories ahead.

The biggest thing I regret for is I didn't take a picture of the car, whereas I took a picture of all the buses we rode. So stupid of me to forget about that! I regret it because it was really a nice car, a Toyota Zace. Although both were booked through Sunshine Travel, the car and the driver was much, much better. Anyway, there’s a picture taken by Michelle. It’s a picture of us all and Mr. Vu in front of the car. But… that picture will show only in some stories ahead :P

Along the way we saw many coffee bean trees. It seemed that every house had at least one tree. If not it would just grow like that in their yard. And then we saw coffee beans being dried by the side of the street. Ooopppsss... I forgot to tell you something.

Like the way we came to Mui Ne from Mui Ne, I bought 4 bus tickets from The Sinh Tourist for Dalat -- Mui Ne the next day. In HCMC, there was no pick up service. But the staff in The Sinh Tourist office in HCMC said that if our hotel in Dalat were nearby their office in Dalat, I could acquire for a pick up. Thanks for Mr. Vu. He knew exactly where The Sinh Tourist office in Dalat was. I asked him to take us there first thing first.

It seemed that Mr. Vu knew the people there. As he parked the car, he greeted some people their so cheerfully. I entered the office, show our tickets plus Hagl Resort's address. The man behind the desk nodded, wrote something, and said, "Seven thirty." Fine. Matters settled. Now, I can enjoy the trip.

It was a sight very common to our Indonesian eyes.
But this "Viettel" sign can’t cheat where this is.

Since we were on the way from Mui Ne to Dalat, we already were impressed by the mountains which looked like layers. To me, it were layers of cake.

Mr. Vu was very understanding. He sometimes stopped the car to give us a chance to shoot. The valleys below was really breathtaking, I tell you.

Thac Voi, our first destination. In English it's called "Elephant Falls".

Elephant Falls is actually one of Dalat's icon. The waterfall is very wide and awesome for a photograph. However the steps down were very steep and not paved like the steps in Tam Dao Silver Waterfall. I and Wiwik did not go down, but Michelle and Gabe did. I saw Michelle's shot afterward. It was really like the photographs I had seen. The view of Elephant Falls from above itself was actually already stunning beautiful.

This is not the main stream of Elephant Falls. It's just a small branch through the stone rocks. I and Wiwik only dared to go down this far. So okay, let's call this "Little Elephant Fall".

At where our car was parked there were many sheets of coffee beans being dried. A woman walked through the beans and shook the edge of the sheet.

It was when I was busy seeking for the best moment to capture this activity that I was invited by a lady to go into their small weaving factory.

"Take our pictures." I think that was what she said.

Take pictures? Wow! She knew exactly the best way to make me move and take a look into their factory.

I came here for the Elephants Falls, but the weavers eventually caught more of my attention.

I wonder whether this woman would change her socks when she weaves a, let's say a flowery motive, into a flowery motive sock? :)) I found her socks interesting. So interesting that it seems I've locked my focus point on her socks instead of on her face :P

Another method of weaving.

As far as I can recall, this lady did not offer me their products in such a manner. Maybe it's because I'm not as handsome as this bule guy. Who said I am?

This lady next to me seems to be the head. She loved being photographed sooo... much!
Aye! I'm taller! :P

At first I was delighted by the green tea being served, but then by the chatter of these 2 boys. The younger one was very cute. He jumped around me and tried to touch my lens.

His mouth was full of cramps. Obviously he could not stand still. A challenge it was for me to get him right into my frame. I must tell you that this composition is original. Meaning: without any cropping.

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