One Day in Dalat: FACES OF A PRENN

Dalat, December 28th 2010

Actually I was so eager to visit Dambri Falls. But Mr. Vu said that if we wanted to go there, we had to pay him extra, because Dambri Falls is out of town and I didn't mention that in my request when I placed my order. Well, okay then, how about Prenn Waterfall, I asked. That's fine, he answered.

Hence, first destination of the day: Prenn Waterfall. The waterfall itself wasn't immediately in sight at the entrance. We had to hike up and down some hills. But there were steady stone steps. So it was easy. Plus, the sight was rewarding.

I was terribly hungry for I only had had a glass of milk and some biscuits. I expected to get a meal in the plane like when I flew from Sai Gon to Ha Noi. I fell fast asleep in the plane as soon as I finished saying my prayer and the plane took off. When I opened my eyes, there was only a bottle of mineral water next to me. Or did anyone take away my meal? Hahaha.

How happy I was to find a small cafe near this lovely sight. Baguette and scrambled egg. 2 cups of yogurt for dessert.

Hah, now I can concentrate on taking pictures. Thanks to Wiwik who lent me her CP Lens. I had left mine in the car.

You can take a cable car and enjoy the view of the river and hill from top. You also can hire a canoe to cruise the river.

This waterfall is unique because it flows down over a sort of half-opened cave. If you look closely to the left side of this photo, you can see a bridge. You can cross this bridge and come to the opposite of the waterfall by passing by the waterfall from behind.

This is how it looked from behind. It was my first experience walking behind a waterfall.

Compared to the photos I've seen about Prenn Waterfall, the fall looked rather. I bet in wet season it would be more thrilling.

Bye bye, Prenn!

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