One Day in Dalat: Bao Dai's Summer Palace

Dalat, December 28 2010

Lonely Planet said that the palace is extremely interesting. I personally don't think that the word "extremely" applies well. Is it that architecture isn't really my thing that I cannot "see"  the palace just like when I took a train trip all the way from Sai Gon to Ha Noi and "saw" what my friends didn't "see"? Or is it something in me that's resistant? I can't really tell. One thing for sure, I can't describe Bao Dai's Palace in Dalat the way "The Rough Guide to VIETNAM" has described on page 196 and 197.

I shot this with my cellphone camera, because well... round windows always catches my attention. I also like the two horizontal bars on the window bottom. Another thing I can't tell why.

As far as I remember, this was from the living room. I made use of the sun shining into the window.

This one was taken from the second floor. I don't know what room it was. For sure it wasn't a bedroom.

Sorry to say, this looks cuter to me than the palace itself. Yeah, I know, you don't call a palace "cute", anyway.

I wonder what this was. Was is sort of the caretaker's room? The guard's house? The children's playhouse?

Oh ya, if you want to know who Bao Dai actually was, you can look it up here.

The other next interesting thing over the palace was this.
It was sold within the palace vicinity.

 This one was what Wiwik drank. This is even more interesting.
Look at the due date! 26.12.10?? It was actually December 28 already!!

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