Dalat, The Airport

December 28th, 2010

Very early in the morning we rose to catch the first flight to Dalat. A great thing it was that WiFi connection ran super duper smooth and fast even inside the room at Thanh Binh Hotel. I web-checked-in Vietnam Airlines. This time it really mattered. We didn't need to stand in line to have our passports verified. We were ushered to a vacant counter to check in our baggage. It was so quick that even though our taxi picked us up 20 minutes late,  we appeared very early in the airport waiting room. Only one two shops were opened. Cafe and restaurants were still close. Our flight number still wasn't on the screen.

When it did eventually appeared, there was still a lot of time to stare on it. "DA LAT". I know it should be written in 2 words, but pardon me, I never can. It just feels awkward to me. So I always write "Dalat" instead of "Da Lat". I used to write "Hanoi" and still can try to adjust to writing "Ha Noi", though.

However, "Vietnam" actually should be written "Viet Nam", shouldn't it? So shouldn't it be "Viet Nam Airlines?

I hurriedly made some shots with my cellphone camera when we landed on Dalat. A man and a boy proudly posed for me whereas I was aiming at the plane.

The sky wasn't really clear, but the scene was beautiful. We were surrounded by blue mountains. I could have gotten a better shot if I used my SLR camera, but I didn't want to challenge myself too far. I have already been forbidden to shoot in airports more than once. Moreover, that's what a pocket camera is for, isn't it?

The airport was quiet. Our plane was the only one standing there. But the view in front of our eyes was glamorous. Not only the mountains surrounding, but also the building. I entered and got amazed.

So clean and bright was the interior that I could make a symmetrical picture.
While waiting for our baggage to be loaded, Wiwik commented, "What a difference compared with I Gusti Nugrah Rai Airport!"
As a matter of fact, Dalat to Vietnam is not as significant as Bali to Indonesia. However...!

Mr. Vu was already waiting for us at the exit. Yayyy! How nice it was to have him as our driver again. Thanks to Sunshine Travel. The excitement of Dalat has begun!

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