Tahu Goreng Vietnam

Saigon, Jan 3rd 2010

After the Vam Sat Eco Tour in Can Gio National Park, we were dropped off back at the hotel. Our next plan was to shop for souvenirs. So we headed to De Tham Street by taxi. 30.000 dongs from our hotel on Le Thanh Ton Street I think is quite a reasonable rate. That's very unlike the previous day when it cost us 150.000 dongs. Cheating driver!

We got off the taxi and all of a sudden we felt our stomach growling although it was too early for dinner. So we called it "tea time". I chose for fried tofu and it turned out to be quite similar to the fried tofu in Indonesia, "tahu goreng". The difference is only the way they blended the tomato sauce. It was pure tomato sauce made from smashed pure tomato. Sour sweet... yummy!

Unfortunately, I forgot to jot down the name of the restaurant.

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