Human and Monkey Business

Can Gio National Park, January 3rd 2010
We took a one day tour which was called Vam Sat Eco Tour. I booked this tour through Sunshine Travel and cost 55 USD/ pax. That included entrance ticket, boat ticket, tour guide, and full transportation in a private car, plus lunch.
Here we are in Monkey Island in Can Gio Forest National Park. A monkey greets us hello.
Here's Michelle with her big little troop ;-)
If I'm not mistaken, Michelle's T-shirt had a picture of a cute monkey on it.
So let's observe the monkeys' business.
Monkeys are attentive to one another. 
Monkeys enjoy life the way humans do.
Monkeys take good care of their haircut.
Monkeys are great lovers!
And now we are ready to seek into human's business.
These are the boats that will roar us into the jungle to learn about human's business in the past.
Hahaha... he must have had great fun taking us in his boat for we screamed on top of our lungs at every turn he made. Double peace now it is... but not in the past. We'll see...
What a blue sky on this part!. Another free gift money can't buy.
This must have been how we had looked (only crazier) from the other boat.
Deeper into the heart of human's past human business.
The tunnel entrance where the Viet Congs used to hide during war time.
Terrible it was when somebody got injured and needed a surgery.
Rain was the only source of drinking water. Therefore the Viet Cong soldiers made containers like this to hold their water supply.
The water from that bamboo tank would be cooked in this way in order to be drinkable.
These aren’t real. This is what the soldiers' meal had looked like in the past.
Some means of survival. The flashlight looks exactly like Dad's flashlight when I was a kid.
In the past when Vietnam was still divided into North and South Vietnam, their flag was like this. Red and white with a star in the middle. After they reunited, the national flag became just red with a star in the middle.

That's the difference between monkeys and humans. Monkeys doesn't need a national flag to mark their territory.

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