Breakfast in Spring

Saigon, January 4th 2010

It was not a buffet, but it was tasty and really served me a full breakfast. French bread a.k.a. baguette is for sure. You can choose either pho or French bread. They had various pho and various omelets to go with the French bread. I ordered for omelet with cheese but got omelet with tomato instead. Obviously I was misunderstood when I pointed on the menu, because "omelet with cheese" was written right above "omelet with tomato".

Anyway, the omelet with tomato was delicious. It wasn't sliced tomatoes, but smashed tomato sandwiched between the omelet. It was a new menu for me.

And this is also a new way of drinking coffee for me, too. I ordered for coffee milk. The milk (condensed sweetened milk) was in the white cup, and the coffee still inside the aluminum cup. The coffee will gradually drip down the strainer.

And finally, only the coffee dregs are left.

I bet this one of things why I love Vietnam. These people pay great attention on coffee ;-)

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