All in a Day’s Trip (Part 2 of 2)

On the way to Can Tho, January 1st 2010
TNK Travel. That's the name of the travel agency that organized this tour.
I felt that I could linger in a boat here for hours and hours. So calm and cozy. I was already dozing.
He looks no different than an Indonesian, I think.
Vietnamese hat, the icon.
"Ba" means "sister". That's what Wiwik learnt from our tour guide in Mui Ne. "Ba" sounds like the Javanese word "mBak", doesn't it?
Wiwik said, “When I wanted to call a waiter, I just shouted, ‘Mbak’ and someone would notice me.”
So was it with me. At one time I felt so frustrated because of the Vietnamese terrible English. I thought, if they don’t understand my English, any language won’t matter at all. So when I wanted the bill, I just said in Indonesian, “Mbak, minta bonnya, ya.” Meaning:  “Sister, please bring me the bill.”
Much to my surprise, the waiter brought me the bill at once!
A Vietnamese family tourist enjoying the pleasure of their country.
Another stop over. We got off the boat and followed the path.
I tried to ensure myself that I was on vacation, miles, miles away from home. I felt like I was walking in my own country.
Except for the hammock inside, I think this is Indonesia.
We stopped here to enjoy (I did not :P) tropical fruits. I actually photographed them already, but it did not look good at all. Anyway, there wasn't anything special. Nothing special for us, Indonesians, of course! But, for those "bule"s?

And then there was an orchestra performance. I use to like traditional musics. However, I did not find anything special in this orchestra either. Truly speaking, it was not challenging at all to capture the singer. I hope you know what I mean ;-)
Okay, this mandolin is interesting.
And this. Vietnamese violin.

I think it would have been better if the singers had just sat and left these traditional instruments orchestrate.
Bored with the orchestra, I returned to my basic instinct. You know what I mean again.
Auwww! So cute! You should have sung just now!
Wait! I'll bring the violin player. Then you'll sing, okay?
Take of the life jackets, and back into the bus. Ben Tre, My Tho, and then Can Tho. It's still a long way to go. It's time for a nap. Zzzz....

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