All in a Day's Trip (Part 1 of 2)

Saigon & Can Tho, January 1st 2010
It was a 2 days and 1 night tour to Mekong Delta. We left HCMC at approx 8:30 AM. This time we weren't late but had to wait for other tourists.

Jan 1st was a long day. Thus, I got so many to capture. I don't know where to cut it, so I just call this album "All in a Day's Trip". May you enjoy ;-)
Ready for Mekong Delta 2D1N trip. I was charged 111,24 VND for 4 pax. My personal judge upon the whole trip: We got what we paid for.
Mekong River is coming in sight. A shot from inside the bus.
First stop over...

No, no! It was not exactly here, but next to this "executive lounge". You see how Vietnamese people are crazy of hammocks? There were many, many, "executive lounges" like this along the streets. I saw people either swinging themselves in it or sit on it while sipping coffee. What a peaceful life!
Next to that "executive lounge" was a souvenir shop.
Ready to enter the rivers.
That was our first port, Cau Tau, where we got off the bus and got into the boat. This was the best blue sky I could get during the whole 2 days 1 night trip. Yet, I was grateful it did not rain at all. The wind was gentle, too. Thus, we roar Mekong safe and sound.
Along the river we saw many small docks.
Anyone who looks at this photograph (only), would surely think Vietnam is a poor country, as many still do think so.
They build their houses above the water to anticipate the high tides. As for these people, I think they are really poor.

Besides residences, there are warehouses also.
Some fishermen were passing by.
We stopped for lunch. The restaurant had a big yard with some fruit plants, such as... longans.
Bougainvillea in Vietnam is just as common as it is in Indonesia. But butterflies, although it might be common, they are always challenging... to shoot!
I guess this was the house of the restaurant owner. I almost burst out when I saw this. A portable hammock! You can enjoy a hammock anywhere. 2 tree trunks or 2 pillars are not needed.
After lunch with delicious noodle, we continued our journey. Through the water coconut trees, under the bridge, and out...
Water coconut trees like thees grew numerously along the river.
They use the coconut leaves for roofing their houses. This is the place where we had another stop. Can you see the hammock (again)? :P
It’s a coconut shell slasher. Exactly like the ones in Indonesia. Is it authorized already? Whose copyright is it then? :P
This is the machine to prepare coconut milk for coconut candies.
They are wrapping coconut candies for sale. I tried one and I liked it.
Mr. Ky, our guide, and honey bees. The bees doesn't sting.
Now we are leaving again.

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