Good Night, Can Tho!

Can Tho, January 1st 2010
We got off the bus and walked to the harbor. Can Tho was where we stayed overnight. It was still the first day of the year, but Can Tho was already very busy. We had to wait long to get into the ferry, and then into the bus again. When we were already at the hotel, again we had to carry our suitcases up the stairs.

However, it had been a bright evening as if the sky were celebrating the hustles and bustles of Can Tho City. We had an excellent dinner at the balcony of Nam Bo Restaurant while over viewing the motorcycles swinging around and children running up and down the park across. Mekong River was just in a distance view. We returned to our "mini box" hotel with its clean bathroom.

A luxurious night it wasn't, but a good night it was.
Along the street we saw various vendors, from masks to French bread. "Baguette", that's it. These vendors serve baguette sandwich with salad and usually pork.
After I pressed my Nokia camera's shutter, I heard a man's voices. I cared no much less.
After a few meters away Michelle said, "That man just now was mad because you took a picture."
"Oh! So was he talking to me? Well, I don't understand his talking anyway," I said.
That was how one of my co-workers reacted to our furious Japanese advisor. “Hey, he is mad with you,” I said to my co-worker who kept smiling like the sun over his head. He replied, “I don’t care. I don’t understand him anyway.”
The entrance gate into the harbour.
Michelle would never miss a nice spot for a self portrait. Good thing it is, she wore yellow.
This is another Nokia product by a sky mad which is me ;))
Here comes the ferry! C'mon, grab your Canon, Shuni!
We got on the ferry along with the motorcycles swarming in like bees...zzZZZZ...!! Some of them were looking up. Hahaha… maybe they never knew a mad photographer tourist like me who takes pictures of almost everything… except crocodiles and snakes… hiyyyy….!
Passengers without vehicles stayed on the 2nd deck. I can't believe it is January the 1st. It is still new year! Shouldn't these people be swinging themselves in their hammocks and sipping their fine coffee?
Out of the ferry!
Here we are, officially in Can Tho. This is where we waited and waited for our bus. As for me, I hated this part more than carrying my baggage up the stairs. I wondered why we didn’t just stay inside the bus while the bus got on the ferry. We wouldn’t have to wait by the side of street like this then. When I mentioned that to Wiwik, she said that maybe our travel agent is following the international standard which does not allow people to be inside a bus while the bus is on a ferry for safety sake. Wow! I’ve never thought about that!
Nam Bo, a restaurant I found among "Insight Guide Vietnam's" reference. 2 thumbs up for this restaurant!! And the cheese... Wow!
I forgot to photograph my mozarella pizza, but not this dessert. Kahlua ice cream... yummy! It was my highlite of the night. And that cute blue umbrella... as if they knew my favorite color.
This photo is a courtesy of Wiwik. I copied it from her card. I like the composition... and also Gabe's funny face. That's me being serious about my kahlua ice cream ;-) This is the balcony where we had dinner while overlooking the hustles and bustles of Can Tho City motorcycles along Mekong River in a view distance. I really love balconies!

On the way back to our hotel, Michelle bought spring rolls from a vendor by the street. She said it tasted very fresh and much better than the one she ate in Mui Ne. At last... Michelle got the real spring roll of Vietnam!

I wish I had brought my Speedlite with me.

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