Good Morning, Dalat!

Dalat, December 30th 2009

After a tight sleep through a less than cozy but more than cold night, I embraced the warm morning sun. I took a short morning walk feeling nostalgic for my collage days in Bandung. I recalled the mornings I used to walk to campus and enjoy the gentle cool breeze blended in morning sunshine on my skin, while most friends preferred to take an "angkot". Some people say Bandung is "Paris van Java", and some people also say Dalat is "Paris of Vietnam". They definitely aren't mistaken.

On the way to the main building of Hagl Resort to have breakfast, I took some pictures -- and again, exclusively with Nokia N86 8MP.

One of the villas in Hagl Resort, Dalat. I booked this hotel through Asia Rooms by the price of 49 USD per room per night.

I feel a Japanese garden style's touch here.

This is the bar and cafe. I'm sure they don't serve meals here.
A ca phe must only serve ca phe, remember? :P

Morning sun rays into the main lobby.

2nd floor left is where we had our breakfast.

Nothing else could be better than having a morning feast here. Yes, it was indeed a feast for the morning buffet varied very broadly from baguette to fruits, from Vietnamese porridge to yoghurt and pudding.

This was a big surprise for me, because actually I reserved the rooms for a rate that did not include breakfast. On the contrary, we got the biggest breakfast during our whole 9 days trip in Vietnam. Free! (not ''fee" :P)

My favorite place is always by the window.

Thank you, God, for Your free gift no money could ever buy: bright morning with perfect blue sky.

Good morning, Dalat!!

I'm impress how Michelle always starts her breakfast with a plate full of fruits. I have once read that fruits will be more advantageous consumed before meal than after, because the fiber from the fruit will be better prepared to digest the meal to come through.

Michelle said that the papaya served here was very nice. It was the highlight of her day, she said.

Can you guess what this is?
It's yoghurt!
I took 2 small bottles of this every morning.
Very yummy!!

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