From Lunch to Dinner -- Part 2 of 2

Dalat, December 29th 2009,
Item one  : Lunch -->  Done.
Item two  : Dalat Station --> Done.
Item three: Dalat Flower Park --> Now playing.
Welcome to flower park!

A flower festival was going to be held on Dec 31st and people seemed very enthusiastic. This festival was attended by many countries as shown by the flags. I regret very much I could not find my country's flag. What a pity! My country, so fertile that when I was a kid I was told that in Indonesia, you just need to throw a seed and the fertile soil will do the rest of the job. My country has thousands of beautiful flowers -- unnoticed.

It seems to be where the flower vendor keeps her tools, equipments, seeds, etc. Cute, eh?

Michelle and I would like to keep up the romantic mood from Dalat Flower Park by dining in Phu Dong, the restaurant we passed by in the afternoon.

We started our meal from appetizer to dessert. All my meal alone cost 100.000 VND. As described by Insight Guides, classical music did serenade us as we dined. It was damn cold outside there and no one dined outside the castle, except Shuni and Michelle. Even the guests sitting inside wore coats on, but we didn't! Nobody must have guess we were from Indonesia :P

We screamed when we saw this telephone on their table bar. This telephone, like the old train in Dalat Station, was still operating. Michelle had her picture taken while talking through it.

By this telephone, we decided to call it a day.

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