From Lunch to Dinner -- Part 1 of 2

Dalat, December 29th 2009

Stunned by the unexpected environment of Dalat, even after a half-day-journey from Mui Ne to Dalat in a 93% backpacker's van, we found new energy to savor the other half of the day of Dec 29th 2009.

As soon as we checked in Hagl Resort Dalat, we started with lunch as item number one. It was then when we discovered that a Ca Phe (cafe) only serves cafe (coffee). No meal available. So, we walked on in search of a place to eat that serves more than coffee.

Can you believe that this is a restaurant?

It was exactly everything as described in Insight Guide Vietnam. Here's what it said:

"Ambiance is the main draw here in this French style castle. The beautiful stonework, mosaic floors and fountains offer a romantic departure from typical run-of-the-mill Vietnamese restaurants. Classical music serenades you as you dine on traditional Vietnamese cuisine as well as local specialties.”

Insight Guide ranked this restaurant, Phu Dong, as "$$" which means US$10-20 per person.

However, we thought it might be very dear, so we continued walking the quite (compared to HCMC) street.

...wait! Let's make another shot of this castle!
It seems I've seen a picture of this castle somewhere in my storybook when I was a kid.

Okay, Lau Bo! I don't know what it means, but it sounds to me like "lauk pauk" which means “side dishes” in Indonesian. It was Michelle who brought up the idea to try the most authentic Vietnamese dining like this. Well... since even during my first trip I had not tried this kind of dining... okay, let's order for some "lauk pauk". I asked for coffee and the lady there said they had none.

Conclusion: You want to drink coffee? Go to a Ca Phe. You want to have a meal? Go to a "Lau Bo" because there's where they serve "lauk pauk".

This came all in a set for 4.

It was my first time to be introduced to a delicacy which I've just learnt from a friend married to a Filipino, that's called "Balud" in the Philipines. It is duck egg which already has an embryo inside it. About to hatch, I guess.

Lucky for me, it wasn't me who broke the egg, but Wiwik. When the sight of a... leg (?) appeared in her hands, she screamed on top of her lungs till everyone in the restaurant jumped to us.... hahaha, no, no! I'm exaggerating :P

I asked what's the matter, but she couldn't get to define the words. Then I saw soft blood streaming out of the egg crack, and I understood.

Michelle, our adventurer eater, was less disturbed ;-)


I wasn't sure whether it was actually delicious, or whether I was just hungry.

Chilli -- somewhat like Indonesian style. But the stuff in the big bowl, I don't know what it is. Since I'm only a 5% adventurer eater, I didn't bother to taste it. Not to mention of making it the point of interest of my photograph :))

With our tummies content, we proceeded our afternoon walk to Dalat Station.

Gabriel and Wiwik, my fellow adventurer photographer ;-)

The white hats they are wearing are the souvenirs from the travel agency that arranged our tour to the sand dunes in Mui Ne. My hat itself was already light brown because I soaked myself into the sand dunes.

In the background is Dalat Train Station. 

You can go inside this station and take pictures anywhere you wish for free. But, if you want to get on the train, of course, you cannot skip this ticket box.

Honestly I tell you, I'm thinking of taking a ride on this train, even though I can't tell whether that would be my 4th or 5th or 6th trip to Vietnam. LOL

The interior of the station lobby. . . I love it. Looks like "kue lapis legit" to me :D

 My next, next, next... destination: will be Dalat - Hanoi by train ;-)

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