Beauty and the Pigs

Nha Trang, January 2nd 2011

Beauty and the pigs. Yes. You'll see.

After the visit to Yang Bay Waterfall, we got our lunch. Lunch was held in a big restaurant with no walls. We could feel the breezing wind and enjoy the greenery around. Interior speaking, it was really me. But...

The restaurant was filled with a bunch of guests. Every table was occupied. Other tourist groups were having lunch also. Me, I don't like to be in a crowd of people.

Adding to the crowd was the noise. The noise like bees buzzing filling the open air. Adding to the noise was the table opposite to our table. It was the table of the girls who shouted and played games in the bus with our tour guide. Now that we are in open air, they even laughed louder. They made toasts all through the meal. "Một hai ba, yo!" Me, I don't like noise.

It reminded me of a Filipino lady I met in Kuala Lumpur. She worked in Dalat but said didn't like Vietnam. She came to Vietnam just for the sake of money. When I asked her why, she answered,

"Vietnamese people are noisy," she said.

At that time my reply was, "Chinese people are worse!"

But now, it seems that I am among the nosiest crowd in the world. Well, don't blame me. Blame my blood type. You don't believe me? Read this! It says:

You have to be aware of and to limit exposure when possible: 
  1. crowd 
  2. noise 
See? And, you want to know what number 3 is? It's "negative emotions". You know what? My emotion can turn into negative when I'm being kept waiting. As a matter of fact, while the table opposite us had gone through more than ten "Một hai ba, yo!"s, our table was still empty. Aaarghhh!!

Thanks to the beautiful environment -- outside the restaurant, I mean -- I went out and explored the vicinity. Thus, I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant and our meal when at last it came.

As stated on the leaflet, after lunch is "Live Musical Performance by Yang Bay Artists". Okay.

We were guided to a small building that looked like a house but was not a house, which was just next to the restaurant. We took off our shoes and sat on the floor.

Then... Vietnamese girls in traditional clothes emerged from a room next to the stage. What?? Those noisy Vietnamese girls again?? Oh, no!

I'm A blood type! Not those girls again! I need serenity!

And here, just across the road, I found it. Welcome to the A-blood-type's world! Tralalala trililili...

It was 1:31 PM. The sun was at its best. But the sky was dressed in my favorite color, blue.

I took off my camera backpack, and laid down on the grass with my head on my backpack. I turned my head from side to side and gazed. It was like lying down in a circle of mountains. The shadows of the mountains fell on each other. I stretched out my arms.

The white horses grazing made a perfect touch to the overall scenery.

But how a pity, when I made a close up of the horses, they didn't look healthy. There was another horse worse than this. The skin was covered with scabies. I couldn't bare to look at the photo.

Meanwhile the music performance was over. All the guests went out and some went to a nearby souvenir shop. Ooopsss!

Isn't that one hanging in the middle "batik"? O, oh... Who says batik originates from Indonesia? Hmmm... after Malaysia, maybe it's time to be upset with Vietnam now :P

On the mini train again we got on. It was rather a hectic moment, because there were other guests from various tour groups. Seats on the train became scarce. A little boy cried loudly all the way, because he got separated from his Mom. Once again I felt that our tour guide didn't do his job. He didn't try to make sure that his group is kept together.

Yeah.. here comes the pig part.

It's a pig race!!

The German-American guy commented, "Extremely uninteresting."

Now it's my turn to agree with him.

I tried to get a shot when the pigs ran out right when the gates were opened, but always failed. Ah... it's extremely uninteresting.

Wiwik pulled out herself from the crowd and grumbled. "Phewww! The men are drunk! Their breath smells!"

Luckily this so called traditional game didn't last long. We soon heard people cheering loudly. A lady won the bet. What? Is it that noisy Vietnamese girl again? I so felt that she didn't deserve to win, even for a bet.

"No, no. Don't worry. It's not," Wiwik said.

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