Playing Around

Nha Trang, January 1st 2011

Not far from our hotel was an amusement park. Since the previous night I had already been aiming to pay a visit, because I wanted to take a picture of the Ferris Wheel. Gabe said he wanted to go there, too. So, after cycling around for and hour with Wiwik, and then another half an hour after Wiwik returned to the hotel, we had dinner, then went to the amusement park.

But before I show you my playing around with my camera at the amusement park, let me show you my dinner meal. It's fried tofu with tomato sauce from fresh tomato. Wiwik still remembered that it was a similar order last year in Sai Gon.

This time it was at a restaurant several doors next to our hotel, Lamy Hotel.

First, we got on the Ferris Wheel. The view of Nha Trang from above was lovely, a half-circle beach with many lights along.

But it wasn't easy to keep steady while shooting from a swinging Ferris-Wheel-cart.

The amusement park from the air.

And now, a shot of the Ferris Wheel itself. Captured with 10 seconds of shutter speed.

The same Ferris Wheel captured in 30 seconds of shutter speed.

In Jakarta at "Dunia Fantasi", this is called "Kora Kora". This one in Nha Trang is a mini Kora Kora. Wiwik and Gabe took a ride on it, but unfortunately I couldn't capture them well.

This my favorite of all. The merry-go-round.

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