One Day in Dalat: XQ Village

Dalat, December 28 2010

Our next destination: XQ Village. The first time we came to Dalat a year before, we didn't have enough time to visit here. XQ Village was exactly like "Insight Guides Vietnam" has described, except for one thing which I will tell you later. Let me quote what "Insight Guides Vietnam" has said,

"Although run as a commercial enterprise and not really a village, engaging all the senses in a way that few other tourist attractions in Dalat can. XQ is Vietnam's top brand of embroidered paintings - its works are a favourite gift from the government to visiting dignitaries and celebrities.

XQ's high-quality embroidery is one of Vietnam's success stories. The company has a presence in every major city in Vietnam - but it goes far beyond more shops. Most include live music shows, serve inexpensive but delicious local cuisine at in-house restaurants, and have extensive art galleries of embroidery works which are not for sale. Its outlet in Dalat includes all of this plus fine museum on the culture of embroidery as well as local minority handcrafts. A cluster of gift shops and cafe (in addition to the restaurant) await customers at the end of the village tour."

The thing not mentioned was that these music artists rejects to their picture being taken. I got these shots when they weren't yet aware. Thanks to my 200 mm lens. But the guy noticed me and see, he looks sour, doesn't he? The lady on top left waved her hand at me signaling to stop shooting. The lady on right, I thought she was pretty and kind. Yeah, she is, pretty. But later on she hid her face behind the pillar. Aaarrrggghh! Telling me not to take pictures is a total turn off!

While I was looking around, Wiwik said I missed another music performance played using white little cups like the ones used to drink tea. My immediate thought was, "Was the artist willing to let her picture be taken? If not, just forget about it."

Yes, they did have good silk. I cannot proof the quality, but the color and motives were excellent. The price also.

My personal opinion is, if you only have a short time in Vietnam and happened to be in Dalat, XQ Village might help you give a glimpse of Vietnam. But, if you still have plenty of time, you'd better search for the real. Go to the real Vietnamese villages, meet the real ethnic groups, savor on the real authentic delicacy by the side of the street... and shoot real pictures!

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