One Day in Dalat: Flower Park

Dalat, December 28 2010

Until we arrived in Dalat, we didn't know that the flower festival which we attended a year before is scheduled once every one year. The most think I had been looking forward to was not in action. Ah... the fountain wasn't flowing, and compared to last year, the ground was bare. I didn't see the unique flowers I saw last year and had never thought that such flowers could exist.

When I mentioned this to Michelle, she half teased me, "It's alright. You still have next year to go to Dalat, again."

Anyway, I didn't exit Dalat Flower Park empty handed. Let me give you a tour through my photos.
Although not as many varieties as last year, bed of roses still covered the ground near the entrance.

Some other...

Orchids I rarely see.

Above all, this is my favorite. As far as I can recall, I didn't see this kind of flower last year. I wonder, is it the name of these flowers that is written on this red sign on top left?

What impresses me about this flower is that it looks flat as if it had been pressed between a thick book or something. The other point is the spot on the bottom root of the petals. Some are white and some are dark brown. The width of the spot also varies.

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