My Bluest Sky Ever

Saigon, September 9th 2010

My dream for Saigon-photo-hunting in the morning under clear bright sky came true this day. In fact it was the bluest sky I ever had in Saigon. We settled out at 6:40 AM.

I hope I'll be blessed with the same blue sky on January 3rd 2011 morning. I'll make myself ready by 6:00 AM, or even earlier (hopefully) and seize the best lights of Saigon on my pictures. Yayyy!

Well, that was fast-forwarded. It's still September 9 2010. Let me show you Saigon-in-the-morning. Enjoy!

I tell you, this was taken with my Nokia N86 8MP. Let me emphasize, Nokia is the brand of a cellphone. Just in case you don't know that. No offense.

This is the street in front of our hotel in Saigon. Good morning, Saigon! Nice to see you again!

Aha! At last I got a picture of City Star Hotel. Last year when I stayed here it was raining when we arrived and we had to leave when it was still dark the next morning because we had to catch out flight to Hanoi.

This was my 3rd time in Saigon, but I've never got a sky this blue. You know what, actually the weather forecast forecasted "thunder storm". Well... weather forecasters can only forecast weather. They cannot create weather. They forecast but GOD creates.

From City Star Hotel we took a taxi to Notre Dame Cathedral here.
After taking pictures of Notre Dame Cathedral,
we went "next door", Saigon General Post Office.
Yeeehaaa...! Bright weather plus wide lens is spelled "perfect".
 We walked a few blocks to Saigon City Hall. I was so happy to have travel companions who were so much into photography that I could hardly persuade them to move to the next spot.
 There's a funny story about this. Some of my friends wanted to take a picture with these two Vietnamese women. When Deny sat next to one of them, she stood up. "No, no," said Deny. He signaled the woman to sit back. But she did not.

In a second I thought she was shy. But to our surprise she pulled her white pail near her feet and sat back down next to Deny. She was not at all shy. She wanted her pail to be included in the frame!
We had late breakfast at Vietnamese Broken Rice Restaurant, where I, Wiwik, and Michelle dinned last year.

Me, having a poor sense of direction, I almost lost this restaurant although it actually should not be so far. Making matters worse, the street names written on my map wasn't correct. Thanks to Yudi who had an extra skill on reading maps.

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