Fly Me to Uncle Ho

Jakarta - Saigon, September 8 2010

It was drizzling when our flight took off from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Ho Chi Minh City. From my window I watched Japan Airlines and prayed hard, may someday I fly again to Japan. You might think I love Vietnam too much. The fact is, Japan is still the most fascinating country I have ever known up to now. To be exact, the country in which I have felt most at home.

Regardless to the many times I have been in Vietnam, that's still not as many as the trips I had through all Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. It was here in Japan when I realized that I kind of have the gift of traveling. In short, if I had not been in Japan, I would not be even once in Vietnam either.

It was my first time taking off under rain. I watched how the water drops on the wing of my plane slit down drop by drop as my plane ascended. Soon the wing was clear as if blown by a hair dryer. I was not again "under rain", but "above rain". I remember the pictures I saw when I was a kid, I remember Dad's explanation to me about how rain happens, I was excited to experienced part of the pictures I had seen as a kid. I am now flying above the clouds that are pouring water to the earth. Yayyy....!

The more you know me, the more you might think I'm silly or childish. At least that's what I think many people, many friends, think of me. Especially on this trip, I feel like being the odd one. Odd because being excited of silly things.

I paid Air Asia an extra of 15.000 IDR to reserve this seat
and I do not regret it even a bit.

Everytime I fly and watch the sky below me, I always wonder, how come there are people who don't believe in God, regardless on what you call Him. Do you think this can happen just like that? Don't you think that there must be The Almighty who created all this?

I was actually happy that our flight wasn't delayed. I already thought of a night walk around City Star Hotel vicinity before going to bed. But, something tragic happened when we arrived at Tan Son Nhat Airport, HCMC, Vietnam. Deny couldn't find his tripod. It seemed ages waiting for him and my other friends negotiate with the airport staffs. Eventually the airport staff promised to call my Vietnamese cell phone number to let know any information on Deny's tripod whereabouts.

So, when we finally set foot on City Star Hotel's doorsteps, I had blown off my plan for that evening. Bad thing of me, I cannot get away with something disappointing easily. On the contrary, Deny who had (temporarily) lost his tripod, was cheerful. He supported Alfons' idea of taking a walk and look for a place to eat.

I said good bye to the spring roll from the restaurant across City Star Hotel. I'll surely come again another time, I promised silently and followed my other friends.

Eventually, a place to eat was decided.
I went straight for Pho Bo.
Hmmm... as the grass over the fence is always greener, the noodle across the table is always yellower. Meaning: looks more enticing.

After the late dinner, all my friends (6 of them) except Dina, took another walk. I headed straight to my room, energy saving for next morning's hunting ... and for the whole trip until Kuala Lumpur on September 18th.

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