Valley of Love

Dalat, December 30th 2009

I don’t have much to tell about Valley of Love. It’s a nice park with a huge lake. Beautiful? Yes, it is. Anything special? Shapes of a heart here and there. There’s also a little playground. The entrance ticket was 10.000 VND per person. But if you want to take a picture with any of the animal statues inside the park, you’ll have to pay extra for each single shot. There’s a small sign there. If you happened not to notice it – which most people would and so did Wiwik and Gabe – you won’t be reminded until after you’ve clicked your shutter button. Oh well, that’s something to tell about Valley of Love.

This was on the way to Valley of Love. In regard to the upcoming Flower Festival, flowers were everywhere. Even the road separator was decorated with pink and white flowers. Instead of painting the sides with black and white, they used dark pink and white. What a romantic city!

You can take a boat bike around the vast lake.

I wonder is this for rent or was it prepared for a wedding or something?

The chariot is here. But where's the prince? Hahaha....
Since he never showed up that evening, I rented a bike for 15.000 VND. But it turned out I was only permitted to cycle on the upper part of the valley. Too bad again, I forgot to shoot the bike. I guess I was too exhausted, because the hill was steep.

The lake. Seemed very cold down there.

I spotted this little girl wearing no pants. She ran here and there with her butts bumbling up and down. Her mother (seemed so) hurriedly put her pants on and told her something in Vietnamese. And then suddenly she gave me a very cute pose!

Vallee d'amour is valley of love in French. Lucky me, I met the sun setting right here.

In the valley of love by the end of day of nearly end of 2009. It was a pity that there was no place to stand which would make possible framing the sky inside the heart ring shape.

Valley of Love after sunset.

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