Good Night, Dalat!

Dalat, Dec 30th 2009

Thanks to Mr. Vu, our driver, who had been very patient and understanding by giving us frequent stops to make two three shots.

Unlike my previous driver in Hanoi who spoke English not even a word, Mr. Vu was more than a driver. He was a tour guide, and an interpreter!

On the way from Valley of Love, Wiwik and I realized that the evening after sunset sky was still dressing up. Wiwik told me to ask Mr. Vu to stop somewhere so that we could take a picture.

Suddenly I spotted an alley which went down and led to a spot where there weren't houses. This made it possible for us to raise our cameras up and shoot at the sky without finding a high place.

I shot several times with my 50D, using a filter and without a filter. But when I checked the results, I found none better than this one which I shot using my cellphone, Nokia N86.

We passed by the lake near Dalat City Flower Park. It was quite busy there as they were preparing for the Flower Festival the next day.

We gasped at the glow of the lights. Again we asked Mr. Vu to stop, and again, he did so, willingly.

There's actually a tree as foreground on top left, but I still can't get it in tune with the lights of my subject.

Michelle suggested to have hot pot again for dinner. So we asked Mr. Vu whether he had any recommendation. He brought us to Nhu Y. We told him what ingredients we wanted and he translated our request to the hostess. Only one thing he failed to interpret. That was "fish ball". Our hostess brought from the kitchen many kinds of raw fishes, but none had the slightest resemblance to a "ball".

This was our menu. Those are for sure chicken eggs in the pan. Not duck eggs :P

How did it taste? I like Lau Bo Quang Trung much better. That's the one we had for lunch the day before. I think it had a more original taste. It's just like fried rice. "Nasi Goreng Tek Tek" will always have the original taste than any in restaurants. I think, when it comes to food, elegance can destroy taste. Makin jorok, makin enak. Hahahaha....

Pose… ! Luckily Michelle remembered to have a picture of Mr. Vu and the car. Personally, I’m very thankful for Sunshine Travel arranging Mr. Vu and his Toyota Zace for us.

Mr. Vu assured us that Nhu Y was close to our hotel. We asked how much the taxi fare would cost. He answered, "Same, same." I repeated my question and he repeated his answer.

I wondered what he meant by "same"? Same as what?

It turned out that the meter started at 10.000 VND (normal standard) and was still 10.000 VND when we entered Hagl Resort. Oh!

This is the alley that led to our villa. On the left side is a tennis court. It was freezing cold, but I did not want to let go the chance. I wrapped my neck with the scarf I bought at Elephant Falls. Surprisingly, even it seemed thin, it made me warm.

While I was kneeling on the ground with my tripod, a security guide came close. "Now, here it is. Taking pictures are restricted, and he is going to ask for money," I said to myself.

I pretended to not notice, but he came even closer. When the shot popped on my preview screen, suddenly I heard, "Good! Good!"

I looked up. I saw an old smiling face.

I made another shot. As my camera's timer started, he bowed down and waited. And then once again he said, "Good! Good!"

When I moved to the other side of the buidling, he followed me like a curious little boy.

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