One Morning Along Saigon River

Ho Chi Minh City, September 28 2009

I woke up that morning feeling very excited for Saigon River. The biggest reason I choose Palace Hotel Saigon was because it’s only a few minutes walk away from Saigon River. The rain that fell an hour ago produced a nice morning scent.

Similar to Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, the elders gather along Saigon River in the morning to exercise Tai Chi. But for me, I didn’t enjoy the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake as much as Saigon River. Morning beside Saigon River in this District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City is very less busy.

After I came back, many of those who saw my pictures commented, “Oh, Vietnam is modernized now!” Another said, “They are many skyscrapers now in Vietnam.” Oh yes, they are many!

By this tranquil park along Saigon River I found something I’ve missed so much of Japan. It’s the vending machine! It’s even more attractive here, because the vending machine puts on a cap. For one whose feet are always too happy to walk or cycle, a vending machine by the side of the street like this is somewhat like something that will make sure your trip will be okay.

As it had been in Hanoi and Cat Ba, so it was along Saigon River. Terrace cafes with short stools. Thanks to the early morning rain and the cozy park, this terrace café made a romantic morning.

It looks as if this man is on the way to a hard work. But, if you want to be successful and healthy, never skip breakfast ;-)

Monday morning in Jakarta is always the busiest morning in the whole week. So did it seem to be in Ho Chi Minh City. People who lived across the river boarded altogether on a huge ferry.

As Vietnam seemed to be a world of motorbikes, the workers got on the ferry with their motorbikes.
And then, they altogether boarded at the other side of Saigon River. To enter this ferry harbor you have to buy a ticket for 500 dongs. I am not sure whether that’s included the ferry fare or not. I think it is.

From this side of where people just got off the ferry you will meet a big stream of motorbikes swarming like worker bees ready to fulfill their duty.

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