First Night in Saigon, First Night in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, September 23rd 2009

A lot of detail preparation had been done in advance. I already booked City Star Hotel for Sept 23rd night and the other hotels for the whole trip. I knew City Star Hotel through Air Asia's Go Holiday program. Rp.322.000,- per room nett including breakfast. I shared the room with Tia. Thus, Rp.161.000,- for 1 night in a 2 star hotel which was, although small, comfortable and clean.

To my astonishment, the street in front of City Star Hotel, Bui thi Xuan Street, was busy with motorcycles running on the opposite direction of what I have been used to the whole of my life. In Indonesia, in Japan, people drive on the left side of the road, but not in Vietnam. I often turned my head to the wrong direction when crossing the street. And after getting used to it for almost a week, I repeated the same mistake in my home country. I forgot to turn my head the other direction when crossing the street.

Entering our room in City Star Hotel, was like entering a different world. As if I was shielded from the hecticness outside. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a good picture of the hotel building because it was raining just like all September months in Vietnam.

And... here's my first meal in Vietnam: the authentic spring roll!!
It's just across City Star Hotel.
I had the cook fill them with beef instead of shrimp,
and it turned out very tasty!
Crispy together with warm rice in rainy night...
what a dinner!
Vietnamese rice like Japanese rice,
semi sticky,
always stirs my appetite.

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