On a Hydrofoil to Vung Tau

My trip to Vietnam this time didn't start and didn't end in Vietnam. I traveled by any means through five countries in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The whole story I've written on SEA Trip by Any Means, in case you are curious about how I ventured on a train, bus, boat, crossing international borders. Since I've dedicated this particular blog for my trips in Vietnam, I feel a strong urge in myself to re-post the Vietnam part in this blog. Most of them will be merely a copy-paste, though.

Sai Gon - Vung Tau, August 29th 2011

I felt that I had already explored all the things that fits my interest in Sai Gon. But since there's no direct flight from Bangkok to Phu Quoc (my next destination), I have to come to Sai Gon, again. So what can I do?

The boat pier in Saigon.
I got an idea of visiting Vung Tau on a day trip and at the same time fulfill my dream to cruise Sai Gon River. So here I am, cruising Sai Gon River with a hydrofoil boat into South China Sea and harbor on Vung Tau.

The hydrofoil that will take me to Vung Tau through Sai Gon River and into the South China Sea.

The fare is 200,000 VND one way. You can book your ticket online, too.
This is the interior of the boat. It's air conditioned and you get a bottle of mineral water. The journey takes approximately 2 hours.

The view of Sai Gon City from Sai Gon River through the window of a hydrofoil with a Nokia N86. 
 We passed by the harbor for giant containers that bring goods in and out Vietnam.

The bridge that crosses Sai Gon River.   
 Sai Gon River is really wide and vast.

 So vast is Sai Gon River that the only thing that makes the difference when the boat enters the sea is the waves. The moment you feel rocked up and and down, you'll know you are no longer on a river, but on South China Sea.

Approaching Vung Tau Harbor. 
Preparing to anchor the boat. 
Anchored. Boat to boat.
Off the boat. See you later in the evening. (I had purchased a return ticket.)

P.S. The boat doesn't look as elegant as the one on the brochure, does it?

My heart leaped when I saw Lotteria at the harbor. Ah, Lotteria, I miss you! Green tea milk, please.

 The moment I exited the harbor, I immediately fell in love with Vung Tau. This part of Vung Tau is very unlike Sai Gon and not to mention Ha Noi. It's quiter, the streets are broad and clean, the sea lines just beside. It's almost like Nha Trang. Almost.

Many taxi and motorbike drivers offered a city tour. But in a such a pleasant city like this, it will be a pity to miss the feeling of the ground under my feet. I prefer to follow this map -- on foot.

 There's a nice park by the side of the beach. Unfortunately it was raining. But I kept on walking under my umbrella. Silly. I left my raincoat at the hotel.

Every time I see an interesting place, I can't resist the temptation to walk through it or cycle round it. It's kind of like when you see a pool on a hot day and feel like jumping into it.

If I were a kid, I would have rolled and rolled on this green grass.

 Eventually I reached the sky train station. I don't know how many kilometers I had walked. When I exited the harbor, I had forgotten about my foot. But when I arrived here, my right foot was like being wrapped with fire. Luckily there was a cozy cafe on the first floor of the station. It started to rain, again, quite hard. I took a sit, drank the mineral water I got on the boat, and rubbed my right foot. I felt much more comfortable.


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