When God Colored the Ocean

Nha Trang, January 1st 2011

Still on Vinpearl Land. After the show ended, we walked around and decided to visit Underwarter World.

My jaws dropped. Vinpearl Underwater World to me, beats KL Aquaria. Moreover, my fear that this underwater world would be like the one on Hon Tre Island (if I'm not mistaken) which I visited last September 2010 on a One-Day-Island-Tour proofed to be wrong.

Anyone who is interested in the underwater world kingdom shall surely get a lot to learn here. But even though you aren't one, you still can simply enjoy the majestic colors of the ocean creatures.

At first glance I thought it was a crab. But it's actually emerging from a shell.

A stone? A shell? No. It's a fish. Good camouflage

. Another camouflage from the stone fish.

Wiwik and Gabe went off in search for lunch.
I took my time. I want to absorb every color I see:
The colors God made when He created the ocean.

Stay tuned!

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