Vinpearl Water Park

Nha Trang, January 1st 2011

This is the entrance into Vinpearl Water Park which is inside the theme park on Vinpearl Land. No additional charge is required. The architecture of the entrance gate gave me the impression of a city's fortress.

Indeed entering Vinpearl Water Park was like entering into another city.

On the left side lies the white sandy beach. If only I had more time to run along the beach, dip my feet into the gentle waves, or just sit and read a book...

I tell you, this is a perfect spot for enjoying a sunset view and I guarantee that even the most junior photographer can make a good shot, provided the sky is clear of course. You will just have to point and shoot. Too bad I couldn't stay here until the sun set down. I just knew it judging by the position of sun on the beach.

The beach was so white that under the sun it almost looked like snow. I dipped my feet into the sand. Oh... it was so soft. Of course it didn't exceed the softness of the softness of Tanjung An's sand in Lombok (Indonesia), but among my 5 trips to Vietnam, this is the best beach.

Here and there were attributes that reflected the traditional culture of Vietnam which gave a stronger atmosphere of "a city within a fortress".

As suggested by the name "water park", you can have lots of fun with water in this park.

Vinpearl is certainly something not to be missed!

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