The Little People

Dak Lak, December 30th 2010

Our next stop was a home that sold... hmmm, snake wine, I suppose. There was a huge snake in a cage. Ah, I'm really not into reptiles. I have zero interest in them.

While all the rest of my gang went inside to pay The King of Reptile a visit, I noticed some people, Westerners and locals, laughing, applauding, cheering... You definitely won't respond like that to a snake, would you?

Aha!! So this is what it's all about.
I was laughing but at the same time struggling to point my lens between the tall Western tourist. I hardly could tell my camera censor to focus on the kids.
The boy on the left is a Vietnamese probably living there and the girl on the right is a tourist's daughter. Everyone loved this little romantic sight but the boy himself. Just look at his expression! LOL An adult next to him pushed his cheek with a finger. The adults asked for an encore which I wished so badly for, because I hadn't made a successful shot of the romance at all. But this little boy really had enough.

I think, these 2 kids are actually telling us about the culture of East and West.

She is really charming...

... and so adorable!

This is the little boy who refused to encounter an early romance. Behind him looks like his sister. She was excited about us. She spoke English with us. She asked me where I was from, and so on. When I waved good-bye to her from the car, she yelled back, "Please come again!"

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