Dalat Morning Glory

Dalat, December 29th 2010

I woke up to a glorious morning on Hoang Anh - Dat Xanh Dalat Resort a.k.a. Hagl Resort, the same resort as we had stayed a year ago. This was our villa. Nope, not the whole villa to ourselves, but a room inside it on the first floor.

I'm sure these giant hibiscus weren't here last year. They were really huge, unlike all the ones I know in my country. You almost can fool someone that you used a macro lens whereas you didn't. It was just that the flower was extremely huge.

This is the main office building. I've just realized that the walls are glassy. You can see the reflection of the opposite side on the wall. Breakfast was served on the second floor.

After taking pictures in the vicinity, I headed upstairs for breakfast. Apparently Wiwik and Gabe had came first. A good thing it was, because Wiwik chose my favorite place while other tables by the window were all occupied.
Finally, I've found out how to make sun rays on a photo. Yay! And, do forgive me for I'm a window-mad.

The sky, although not as fabulous as a year before, was deep blue on the other side of the main building.

Gabe enjoyed the bright morning with his electronic game, as usual.

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