If You Don't Dare to Go Solo

I used to think that as long as I and my travelmate have the same interest, we will all be happy. It turned out that the same interest doesn't always mean the same value.

If you don't dare to travel solo and need a travelmate, know your own values. When you know it, be sure your travelmate owns the same value. If you are joining a tour group, make sure the tour itinerary fits into your value.

One's value determines how one will spend his or her time and money. And traveling, that's not only about money, but more about time.

The people in your group might be interested in photography, but might have a different value. One might value nature while the other values traditional art. Because of valuing nature so much, one might gladly spend hours or even days in the mountains to capture a bee of a rare species. But the one who values traditional art might be impatient because he or she can't find any traditional art performance to capture in that serene mountains. While one said that the days spent in the mountains were worthwhile, the other considered it a waste of time because he got nothing.

If you don't dare to travel solo, be prepared not to get all you had expected to. Leave your golden rule of take and give at home. Never count how many times you've followed your travelmate's will and then expect to be treated equally. You'll only get yourself hurt.

If you don't dare to travel solo, do realize that for everything there is a price. That includes having a travelmate going with you.

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