The End of 2nd Trip

Saigon, January 4th 2010

When there's a start, there's always an end. Eventually, the end of our 9 days trip in Vietnam has come to an end.

Back from the Cu Chi Tunnel, we had lunch at Pho 2000 Restaurant. It's called "Pho 2000" because Bill Clinton visited here in year 2000. It was the first time President of the United States visited Vietnam after the war.

"Pho 2000" is located near Ben Than Market. I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant itself. I ordered for pho with beef stew. Yummmy....!!

We did some shopping. Michelle, Wiwik, and Gabe of course, went to Ben Thanh Market. I went to search for tangerines for Mom. From there I decided to walk the streets I had not passed yet. I bought some souvenirs and also a pair of sandals for Mom, again. Not Viet Cong sandals, I mind you :))

We met again at Spring Hotel. We did not order for an airport taxi from the hotel because it cost 27 USD whereas picking up a taxi on the street cost only 105.000 VND equal to approx 6 USD.

On the way to the airport, I spotted this. I wonder, is this a Baptist Church? It says "Bap Tit" on the glass...
Vietnam really drew me a beautiful end for my trip. What a stunning evening sky hovering above Saigon!
I stood by the railings of Tan Son Nhat Airport.

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