To Fly or Not To Fly

It was my schoolmate who was one of the friends who pumped the idea of Vietnam into my head. I actually wanted to go to Genting, Malaysia, for Lebaran holiday. She said, "If I'm going to Vietnam, I must get to see Halong Bay. Otherwise, it won't be worth going."

As if meeting our needs, a few days later Air Asia launched their new flight, Jakarta - Ho Chi Minh City. However, the mentioned above friend said that to get to Halong Bay, you've to go to Hanoi first and HCMC - Hanoi is a long, long way to go. "By train,it takes almost 3 days, " said she. "But if we take a plane, it's 108 USD one way." She forwarded a link on train and flight fare.

She ended with: "We must reconsider."

Because of the book I bought, Insight Guides: Vietnam, I could not cast away my excitement about going to Vietnam. Meanwhile, Air Asia's flight fare kept on rising. Our other friend said that she leaves it to us and will just follow. And then there was another friend. But suddenly she told us that she already bought her ticket and will fly on January 2010.

The whole day I when through Air Asia's web to search for the cheapest date of flight. I searched for hotel prices, flight fares for HCMC - Hanoi, drew a rough calculation on how much we would have to spend for a 5 day trip to Vietnam including flying fro and back HCMC - Hanoi. While my friend was still reconsidering, Air Asia never reconsidered on raising their fare nearly every 3-4 hours.

When Jakarta-HCMC was nearing Rp.1.000.000,- one way (it started from Rp.200.000,-), those 2 of my friends texted me telling that they are not going to Vietnam. Aaarrrghhh! They said they couldn't get a leave whereas since the day before, we had already been talking about when we will leave and return. And... how about the one who said will just follow?? Aaarrrghhh!

No! I won't let my effort go for nothing. Thanks to Tia who was willing to be my companion traveller to Vietnam. She literally left everything to me, and followed. "I have no idea about Vietnam," she said. "You lead."

Did she think I had?

Moral of the story: If you are flying with Air Asia, follow your heart. If you can't follow your heart, just follow your friend. :))

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