To the Caves of Halong

Halong, September 25  2009

Almost 3 hours from Hanoi we arrived at Halong City Harbor. We bordered on a boat and our guide told us that we could go to the top deck, enjoy the view while waiting for lunch to be served. But not long after we found ourselves a seat on the beach benches and some circling on the wooden floor telling about their adventures, rain started to fall. The stairs were steep that we couldn't haste. The last to come down was the most to get wet. We all went into the 2nd floor which was a dining room. Lunch wasn't yet to be served.

Each table was set for 5 people. I sat with Tia, a guy from Britain, and a couple. The man was Vietnamese and the woman was German. Rain was falling harder and harder. The wind blew rain into our windows that we had to shut all the windows. Inside, it was a nice fellowship. Meeting people from other parts of the country is always interesting. Especially when it comes to traveling experiences from first hand. This one of the several reasons I don't like traveling on a tour arranged from home country. By that way I'll loose the chance of meeting and interacting with people from other countries. Traveling abroad with a bunch of people from homeland, thus speaking the language of homeland, and worse, eating the food of homeland... that's not at all my idea of traveling.

Yeah... and now lunch is to be served! Wow! Yummy! Let's forget about the rain! 

This was a 49 USD/pax tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay, stay over at Cat Ba Island 1 night, and back to Hanoi. 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast was included, except for drink. All the meals were tasty and plenty. Another thing I think rather funny about Vietnam is this one. In Indonesia, when you get a meal, drink will be for sure included to it. Free meal means free drink for sure. At least a glass of mineral water. The more luxurious the meal is, the more variety of drink you will get. But in Vietnam, meal is meal, and drink is drink. Drink, not even mineral water, wasn't included this wonderful meal.

Rain eventually subsided and our boat was ready to cruise along the bay and head to Halong Caves. Step down the boat, 

walk along the bridge, 

climb up some stares...

and enter the cave!


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