Nothing So Big But Really So Happy

We will acknowledge all contributions, and we'll offer an Insight Guide to the best letters received. So was it written on page 375, and so did I email Insight Guides a few days after my return from Vietnam.

This evening, exactly 1 month after my depature date to Vietnam, at the exact hour I was flying to Ho Chi Minh City, I received a reply telling me that my letter was appreciated and that I got a reward. It's not a competition. It's nothing so big, but I'm really so happy. I'm happy because what I wrote made a benefit for others. Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful email containing feedback of your experience using Insight Guide Vietnam "on the road". So said Catherine Dreghorn, Insight Guides Editorial Administrator.

I accepted the offer and asked for Insight Guides China. I would like to visit China, but so far it seems the places most tourist visits in China is not of my interest. But if I have Insight Guides in my hands, I'm certain I would be guided to the places of my interest.

I'm still writing stories about my first trip to Vietnam. It might be nothing so big, but who knows, it might help someone be really so happy with his trip to Vietnam :-)

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